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We accompany your business from initial evaluation of implementing maintainable solutions.

Consultation and Learning

Guidance through these
constantly evolving technologies

R&D and Prototyping

Proofs of concept to guide
business decisions and innovations

Adaptive Solutions

Implementation and adaptation of known and
proven solutions for your unique use case


Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.
Five years of deep learning practical knowledge.
Fast learning skills in a wide range of applications.

Computer Vision

Deep Learning

IoT and Industry 4.0


Our process is simple and efficient.
Comprehension - Analysis - Prototyping - Optimisation

  • Comprehension

    Understanding your needs is primordial in order to focus all energy and expenditures towards your goals.

    The first step is to make sure we can be a substantial part of your plan and ensure your success.

  • Analysis

    Before any great success there needs to be a great plan.

    Analysing all parts of the plan and ensuring all assets are in place where and when you need them will not only prove efficient but will also cut unnecessary expenditures and focus on concrete results.

  • Prototyping

    Before any mass distribution or implementation a prototyping stage is necessary and always proves wise.

    Working out all the kinks and ensuring the final product delivered is up to specifications.

  • Optimisation

    Optimising your product or system is an ongoing task that will make the difference between a company falling behind or be on the cutting edge.

    We can make sure you are a leader in your industry and are always a frontrunner in the 4.0 reality.

Our Team

Kevin Spahr

Physicist, Applied AI Scientist

Vincent Méthot

Physicist, Medical Imaging Scientist

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